Online Orders, what happens when your order has gone through?

Thanks to our fully automated online ordering system, once we have received your order an email confirmation is sent to the email address you have provided us, this is your confirmation for your skip hire order. If you need to change any details of this then please contact our office and one of our staff will be more than happy to help.

Scheduling your delivery.

Your skip will be delivered between the hours of 9am to 5pm on the day scheduled for your delivery. We cannot guarantee a specific delivery time as we have to carefully plan our routes to maintain our low carbon foot print on the environment.

Day of your skips delivery, what needs to be done.

Please ensure that a space is cleared for us to access and drop off your skip. If your skip has to be delivered to the roadside please ensure that two parking spaces are free to provide a safe unload of your skip.

What must be done for the day of collection.

We Politely ask that you fill your skip correctly, please make sure that no rubbish is overflowing or that no rubbish is higher than the side of the skip. This is very important in order for our staff to legally remove the skip. Please remember it is against the law for skips to be overfilled. If any items are considered to be dangerous or if your skip is found to be overflowing our staff will remove them before removing the skip.

Please make sure that all access is clear before we collect our skips, if it is in a driveway please make sure access is clear two hours before collection. If parked on the road please ensure that at least two car lengths are free to allow our vehicle to reverse and collect the skip safely.